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Fight Back Against Impunity in Honduras

The level of impunity in Honduras for human rights abuses is one of the key reasons that employers across the country can systematically violate workers’ rights without consequence

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Protect Threatened Trade Unionists in Honduras

Our long-time partner in Honduras, FESTAGRO, is under threat, and they need your help. One trade unionist has received death threats and another  (...


Stop the TPP: Contact Your Members of Congress

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Mohammad Rubel, a 22-year-old Bangladeshi man was trafficked from his home in Bangladesh to Malaysia to work on a palm oil...


Tell Darden Restaurants to make its food more healthy, sustainable and fair!

Darden Restaurants owns and operates more than 1,500 restaurants including Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The...
Forced labor in Uzbekistan

World Bank and ILO: Hold Uzbekistan Accountable for Use of Forced Labor!

Call for an End to Discrimination of Pineapple Workers

The SINTRAPEM trade union is denouncing pineapple producer Ananas Export Company (ANEXCO) of Costa Rica, and its parent company Fyffes, for anti-union discrimination and unfair labor practices.

The harassment of trade unionists continues...

Tell Pepsi to Close Its Palm Oil Loophole!

PepsiCo’s latest palm oil sourcing commitment may look good on paper, but it includes a massive loophole that means a company called Indofood, which produces all of PepsiCo’s products in Indonesia, is exempt from living up to the standards!...


H&M: Make Factories Safe!

The Bangladeshi workers who sew H&M’s clothing continue to toil in extremely dangerous conditions, in many cases lacking the most urgent and lifesaving fire safety measures, according to our new...


Nike: Don't Pressure Employees to Lobby on Your Behalf

Nike is pushing its own employees to lobby the U.S. Congress to pass a massive new trade deal with countries that have poor working conditions. Workers shouldn’t be pressured by their employer to support specific political views of a corporation...


Walmart: End Deathtraps & Pay Up

Join us in urging Walmart – the largest retailer in the world – to immediately pay full and fair compensation to the victims of the deadly fires at Tazreen Fashions and Aswad Composite Mills: to the injured workers and to the families of the...


Host a Screening of "The Dark Side of Chocolate"

Raise awareness about child labor and trafficking in the cocoa industry by hosting a screening of the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate in your community.