Action Center

Vote Walmart for the Public Eye Lifetime Award!

Walmart has been nominated for the Public Eye Lifetime Award! This award, sponsored by Greenpeace Switzerland and Berne Declaration, has the potential to shine a global spotlight on Walmart’s irresponsible and abusive behavior. Walmart is among...


Please help Liberian union in anti-Ebola efforts!

As the U.S. military and large international aid organizations begin to respond to the Ebola epidemic ravaging West Africa, we want to call attention to the unsung heroes of this crisis. ILRF’s longtime partner, the Firestone Agricultural Workers...

Protect Women's Rights At Work

Support Women's Rights At Work

Gender-based violence at work is a pernicious and global human and labor rights violation. It is a manifestation of unequal power and serves to perpetuate social and economic inequality. Worldwide, 35% of women have experienced violence, and 40-...

Daewoo graphic

End Daewoo Profits from Forced Labor!

Nearly 230,000 people from more than 190 countries have signed a petition demanding Daewoo International, a South-Korean-based multinational corporation stop profiting from forced labor...


Forced labor warning: Indorama Corporation

Indorama Corporation, a yarn and textiles company based in Indonesia,...

Justice for banana workers

Justice for murdered banana workers!

Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a trade unionist. Since 2007, at least 54 trade unionists have been murdered and none of the perpetrators of these crimes have been brought to justice. ...


Children's Place: Pay Up to the Orphans!

Rana Plaza was a large eight-story building in Savar, Bangladesh, that housed five garment factories, employing approximately 5,400 people and producing apparel for several well-known brands including The Children’s Place, Benetton, Walmart,...


Walmart: End Deathtraps & Pay Up

Join us in urging Walmart – the largest retailer in the world – to immediately pay full and fair compensation to the victims of the Rana Plaza building collapse and the Tazreen fire: to the children who were orphaned, to the injured workers, and...

United Victims of Benetton

Benetton: Pay Up!

Benetton has been caught again. Investigative journalists in Italy found that Benetton had failed to meet its obligations under the Accord, after two factories supplying Benetton failed to appear on the factory list for the Bangladesh. A review...


Host a Screening of "The Dark Side of Chocolate"

Raise awareness about child labor and trafficking in the cocoa industry by hosting a screening of the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate in your community.