Action Center

Children's Place: Pay Up to the Orphans!

Rana Plaza was a large eight-story building in Savar, Bangladesh, that housed five garment factories, employing approximately 5,400 people and producing apparel for several well-known brands including The Children’s Place, Benetton, Walmart,...


Walmart: End Deathtraps & Pay Up

Join us in urging Walmart – the largest retailer in the world – to immediately pay full and fair compensation to the victims of the Rana Plaza building collapse and the Tazreen fire: to the children who were orphaned, to the injured workers, and...


Benetton: Pay Up!

Nearly two years after the April 24, 2013, collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh killed at least 1,138 garment workers and injured an estimated 2,000 more, Benetton has yet to pay a single penny of compensation to the victims...


Host a Screening of "The Dark Side of Chocolate"

Raise awareness about child labor and trafficking in the cocoa industry by hosting a screening of the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate in your community.