Jennifer Loves Sweatshops? Young Activists Blast Starlet

ABC News

Anti-Sweatshop Activists Accuse Hanes of Abusive and Exploitative Labor Practices

Student anti-sweatshop activists are ratcheting up their pressure on actor Jennifer Love Hewitt for her celebrity endorsement arrangement with underwear maker Hanesbrands, which stands accused of exploitative labor practices.

Since last year, groups including United Students Against Sweatshops and the Worker Rights Consortium have pushed for Hewitt to take a stand against the alleged unfair and abusive labor practices by Hanesbrands managers at its factory in the Dominican Republic. In response, they contacted Hanesbrands, and "were advised. . . that the claims of the student unions were unwarranted, without merit and were being resolved" by talking with the Dominican workers, according to Hewitt's lawyer, Robert Wallerstein...

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