ILRF Statement Regarding Wal-Mart’s 2006 Ethical Standards Report

Several of the report’s
claims concerning improved supervision of supplier factories ring hollow. For example, responding to years of
complaints that Wal-Mart routinely alerts managers before it inspects factories,
the report applauds the company for raising the percentage of unannounced
audits to 26 percent of all audits in 2006. Yet this falls short of Wal-Mart’s goal of 30 percent for the year

Union Genocide

seems fair to say that the targeted killing of union members is different than
the targeted killing of a particular racial or ethnic group. Rather than perceiving the victim as
sub-human (as is seen in racial and ethnic “cleansing”), assassins of union
members are in the business of protecting economic interests. In Colombia, they are most often members of
paramilitary (about 41% in 2005, in cases where perpetrators were known) or

South Chicago Cygnus Strikers Producing Soap for Wal-Mart

This scenario reminds me that low pay and lack of job security is something workers everywhere face and I wonder what a company like Wal-Mart is doing to make sure their US soap factory workers are being treated fairly.  I applaud the efforts of IAM District 8 and stand in solidarity with the striking workers that have decided to stand up for their rights. I am also reminded that while Wal-Mart may have oodles of production in the global south, there are still workers in the US producing for Wal-Mart.

Firestone call-in day a success!

ILRF circulated two phone numbers for Firestone to our e-mail action list on the morning of the 26th.  The first goes directly to Adomitis' voicemail and the second is the general phone number for the Firestone Natural Rubber Company.  When Stop Firestone supporters called during noon and 2pm for the call-in day, they were greeted by a pre-recorded voicemail filled with Firestone's


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