PepsiCo: Fix the problems in your palm oil supply chain!

An animated video from ILRF, Rainforest Action Network and Indonesian ally OPPUK shows the devestation that exploitative conditions on palm oil plantations have on workers and their families. The video follows a report that one of PepsiCo’s primary palm oil suppliers in Indonesia, Indofood, is cheating its workers out of fair pay and benefits, threatening workers’ health with toxic chemicals, and compelling workers to hire children and bring their spouses to work through an unjust wage system. We have also lodged a formal complaint against Indofood with the Roundtable on Responsible Palm Oil, the industry's largest certification body.

Over the course of the last two years, PepsiCo has failed over and over again to take meaningful action and address its problems in its palm oil supply chain. We cannot let the snack food giant get away with it! We need you to stand in solidarity with workers as we take our demands to the company's CEO, Ms. Indra Nooyi. Add your name and send a message to PepsiCo today!